Constipation and Toxicity
March 15, 2016

Do You Need Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatments Grays, Essex

Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment


The Organic Therapy Clinic

To find out whether Colon Hydrotherapy sessions would be beneficial for you, please answer the questions below with either yes or no. Each yes counts as one point whereas each no counts as zero points.

1. Do you move your bowel less than once a day?

2. Do you suffer from diarrhoea?

3. Do you suffer from bloating, belching or intestinal gas?

4. Do you suffer from fatigue or lethargy?

5. Do you have food sensitivities or intolerance?

6. Do you suffer from frequent headaches?

7. Do you suffer from abdominal pain?

8. Have you taken antibiotics in the last two years?

9. Do you crave sugar or carbohydrates?

10. Do you suffer from indigestion or heartburn?

11. Do you have frequent colds or infections?

12. Do you suffer from haemorrhoids?

Your results:

1-3: ColonHydrotherapy sessions will be a major benefit to your short-term and long-term health. You may find you are suffering from some or several symptoms of colon toxicity.

4-6: In our experience Colon Hydrotherapy is an absolute must for you. The level of toxicity in your digestive system is likely to be high and the related symptoms may have become more severe depending on how long you have been suffering from the above digestive challenges.

7 or more: Contact the Clinic straight away! You need help as soon as possible. It is likely that your digestive problems have been ongoing for several months if not years and that the toxin levels in your body are extremely high. You may find that one or more of the toxicity symptoms has become quite severe and may be increasingly be causing real problems.

Recommended number and frequency of treatments

If your digestive system is functioning at near optimal levels, I recommend you consider having an initial course of 3 treatments followed by a follow-up treatment between once every month and once every quarter as an integral part of your health maintenance. Ideally, you would have the first 3 treatments booked closely together, within 1-2 weeks.

If, however, you are suffering from digestive problems, the therapist is likely to recommend an initial course of 6-12 treatments to begin with. The recommended number of treatments in the initial course will of course depend on the severity of the digestive challenge(s) you are facing. Ideally, you would have the first 3-4 treatments within the first 2 weeks, followed by a weekly treatment afterwards. Once your digestive system is in a much better state your therapist may suggest for you to switch over to a maintenance schedule, during which you would have a follow-up treatment between once every month and once every quarter.

You maintain your car on a regular basis - surely you would want to maintain the most precious thing you own, your colon health which is integral to your wellbeing! Your maintenance schedule is individual to you and your body’s needs, and will help to maintain the optimal health benefits you experience from a course of treatments for years to come.

Using state of the art German Colon Hydrotherapy equipment that enables us to fill at a very low constantly monitored pressure. We know the pressure in your colon throughout the treatment, ensuring your complete comfort and safety.

The client relaxes comfortably on a massage table as a small disposable speculum is gently inserted into the rectum. The speculum has a separate water and waste line that is attached to the hydrotherapy equipment. The purified water is introduced very slowly into the colon, when slight pressure builds up in the colon, the water is gently released along with waste matter from the colon.

Just one colon hydrotherapy session may be equivalent to having 10 or 20 regular bowel movements. Eliminations during subsequent therapy sessions can be even more substantial as older, hardened, impacted waste (faeces) is cleansed from the colon walls.

During your colon hydrotherapy session your therapist may give you an abdominal massage using castor oil. Massage has a calming effect on the colon, which will increase the effectiveness of peristalsis (the muscular action of the colon to push waste through). This then loosens any impactions and may aid the removal of gas. If preferred you can massage your abdominal area yourself.

Each colon hydrotherapy session lasts approximately 30 - 45 minutes, allow one and a half hours for the first session to allow for a consultation (during which the procedure will be explained and we will talk through your completed Client History Form (and Candida Questionnaire if appropriate) and time to change before and after the treatment.

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