The Lavender Rooms


Lavender Rooms is a private clinic located within a quiet residential area of North Grays, Essex - close to Lakeside Shopping Centre.


I had been suffering for 2~3 weeks and ended up going to A & E. 5 hours pretty much wasted as they told me I needed laxatives. There was only one place left to help me but this was the first time I had been in this position and I was nieve to all this. My sister had this done some time ago and recommended that I did. Best move I made. If you're suffering to any degree don't think about it. Just Go !!! I would recommend this clinic to everyone. Rachael is one of the nicest people I have ever met and made me feel at ease from the off. She explained everything clearly to me and made the experience both educational with her dietary advice as well as very relieving. The treatment room itself was very calming and peaceful and the overall setup was perfect I am 48 and would say that even if you're not suffering as I was that you would benefit from this, as it has many benefits other than just alleviating constipation. Don't take my word for it... see for yourself



After suffering from constipation for 2-3 weeks, including an unhelpful trip to A&E, I was recommended to Rachael. She made me feel at ease from the off, explained everything clearly and made the experience both educational with her dietary advice as well as very relieving. The treatment room was calming, peaceful and the overall set up perfect. I would recommend this clinic to everyone. Rachael is a really caring health care professional who puts you completely at ease and sets high standards of health care. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and very efficient with a warm and human approach to her work.



Dear Rachael, I have now had a number of treatments from you and I would just like to say how pleased I am. Your treatments are carried out very professionally and I have not felt this good for a long time, my energy level has increased no end.



On my first visit to the lavender Rooms, i was instantly put at ease by Rachael. The rooms were beautiful and not clinical looking at all, yet a high standard of hygiene is clearly evident. I felt great afterwards, not embarrassed at all! I would recommend The Lavender Rooms to anyone wishing to try colonic hydrotherapy.



Rachael is a true professional in her approach and of her knowledge. I have been to quite a few Colonic Hydrotherapists in the past, including Harley Street and South London, where the therapist is well known. I only go to Rachael on a regular basis, and always feel great afterward. The setting is 'calm and welcoming' not too clinical. Everything is packaged and sealed for each individual. Rachael always puts you at rest. I have been going to her since she first started up. Rachael is full of information and will advise on nutrition etc. I would highly recommend you see Rachael. Colonic Hydrotherapy is not painful and is very beneficial to each of us. Well done Rachael, keep up the good work and I will see you soon! Best wishes



I approached my first session with a degree of trepidation as, while I really wanted to experience Colonic Hydrotherapy, I had some reservations about the process. I was, in short, very nervous. However, I was immediately put at ease by Rachael, the Therapist, and found her to be extremely understanding. She answered all of my questions with great patience and really settled my nerves. By the time the process began, I was far more comfortable and found it to be way less traumatic than I expected. I was shocked and delighted by the 'results' and, given that I try to eat healthily, did not expect to experience the outcome I did. I felt great afterward and have, so far, had a further 4 treatments. I would really recommend Lavender Rooms - especially if, like me, you are nervous. Rachael was so professional and easy to be around. I also felt that she really cared about my well being. Excellent service!



I was very worried and nervous about the colon hydrotherapy treatment but was told that it would be very beneficial to my health, i tried lavender rooms and met Rachael, She made me feel very relaxed and explained the process to me, i found her very informative and a breath of fresh air, the treatment was fine and i felt great after the treatment, the surroundings were very relaxing and i will be returning for regular maintenance.



What a truly exceptional find! I had been recommended to have colonic hydrotherapy and looked for a local therapist. How lucky I was to find Rachael. She is such a professional and makes you feel very relaxed instantly. She is such a lovely warm person. I was very nervous with my first treatment but she soon put me at ease. The treatment was less traumatic that I had originally thought and quite comfortable. I have been back to see Rachael on a regular basis now. Well done Rachael for the excellent service!



I completely echo all of the comments above! Rachel is great. The process (and the results!) are so not what you expect. To see Rachels grin when she eventually gets what she wants is great and so is the feeling for you afterwards! I was only going to have one treatment as I thought this was all I could cope with and needed. I'll be off for my third one next week! If you're nervous, prudish, squeamish, or even curious, give Rachel and Lavender rooms a go. You won't regret it! PS I'm using this process to compliment the Lighter Life programme. Clean and healthy inside and out!



I have suffered from IBS for a few years now. Since visiting Rachael and taking her advice on my diet etc, I have managed to control it much better. The environment for the treatment is perfect and Rachael immediately puts you at ease. I am now having regular colonics every couple of months and really notice the difference.



I was recommended to have a colonic by a friend who swears by them so with great anticipation and excitement in the answer to a swollen belly and constipation, I thought why not!! The minute I met Rachael I was instantly relaxed her presence and the atmosphere she created was very professional and I instantly took a liking to her. The treatment was great and fascinating, all I can say is seeing is believing (if you know what I mean). I would recommend Rachael time over and I will be having my 5th treatment when I get back from working away. Thanks mate!



I would definitely recommend The Lavender Rooms to anyone. Rachael is a wonderfully friendly lady who just puts you to ease, and you can chat with her so easily. Just the thought of a colonic made me blush, so you can imagine how I felt when I got there for the actual procedure, but believe me, there's no reason to be, Rachael has a very calming way about her and she puts you straight to ease, and after a while, you just don't pay attention to it anymore - and I really would recommend it to anyone and everyone! Whilst at The Lavender Rooms I also had an infra-red sauna (dry heat, not steam) and a lower body wrap - I felt totally relaxed and completely pampered by the time I left and I am definitely going back for more.



I was very worried and embarrassed about having a colonic, but Rachael put me at ease straight away. I have had three sessions with her - all with a positive experience both with the 'treatment results' and Rachael's thoughtful 'bedside manner'. I have since recommended her to friends and family. I had a very bad stomach after returning from holiday that even after weeks of antibiotics, detoxing, home remedies etc, it would not improve. I knew there was only one option that could help and it did!! A friend of mine has already been for their treatment!  You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain, so don't be shy give it a try!



Just thought I would write to you say the biggest thank you anyone could ever say... I really can’t understand why I have been suffering with constipation for all these years when you are right on my doorstep..!! You were recommended by a friend and honestly I thought how embarrassing and how uncomfortable it would be so I put it off for ages. I tried all sorts of medicines for my constipation even suppositories and sometimes I was still in agony I was lucky to be going once a week. I was so uncomfortable and bloated every time I ate something and said to myself that only I can do something about it so I finally plucked up the courage to come and see you for a colonic... When entering your place of work I just felt so comfortable and not embarrassed at all you seem to have this calming and natural aura around you that made me feel so relaxed. After my treatment I honestly couldn’t believe how I felt inside - empty literally and after weighing myself I lost 11lb in total and that was all from your colonic treatment. The tablets I got from you are fantastic I have gone from a once a week person to once a day and I still can’t get over how this is happening to me, you have made me such a different person and I mean that sincerely...So thank you again Rachael and I would absolutely recommend you, I all ready have actually... Take care hun and I will definitely be back....



Lavender Rooms - wow! What an amazing oasis this place is. I cannot praise the facilities or Rachael - the queen of this establishment - enough. Not only is it always amazingly clean, sparkling and smelling of some beautiful fragrance - but their is a real vibe of tranquility about the place. Everything seems to be exactly where it should be and I feel relaxed the moment I walk through the door. I have had colonic irrigation, infra red sauna and the infra red pod at Lavender Rooms. And - as I have tried each new treatment - I have immediately become aware of the incredible feeling of well being afterward and start wondering how did I ever manage without these things in the past. Personally - my favourite treatments are the colonic irrigation and the sit down infra red sauna. Both give me a sense that my body is being purified and cared for on the inside. Both leave me with a real sense of internal euphoria and - although its quite hard to put into words - like my insides have been cared for in a way that they would not normally be reached. As I say - its kind of difficult to explain in words. I guess that you have to experience it? But - I really cannot speak highly enough of Rachael and Lavender Rooms. She is incredibly knowledgeable and always puts me right at ease - especially during the colonics....which I freely admit I was very nervous about before I had my first one. But - Rachael made it so comfortable and natural that - on reflection - I don't know why I ever worried. In addition - Rachael's nutritional advice has been invaluable. As a result - I have dropped 20lbs in weight and I have never felt better. I have introduced so many things to my daily nutrition (things I would never have imagined - such as coconut oil, probiotics, healthy fats etc etc. I could go on and on) and have removed sugar, bread, dairy - things I suspect, on reflection, I likely had intolerance to. Writing it - it all sounds extreme but - trust me - it isn't and it was very easy to handle my cravings when my body was being satisfied via other nutritional means. Before it sounds like Rachael is paying me to say these things (which of course - she isn't Emoji) I will say, in conclusion, that discovering Lavender Rooms is one of the most majorly beneficial things that I have done for my health and well being. I have worked out and been eating healthily for years (or so I thought) but this has taken my feelings of well being and my attention to diet to a whole new level. Thank you Rachael.