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Lavender Rooms

A Clinic Dedicated To Organic Treatments And Therapies

Lavender Rooms can best be described as an organic, holistic wellbeing clinic. It is founded on the principle that there are many effective and alternate ways to achieving and maintaining good health.

Therefore, as all visitors to the clinic are unique individuals, that uniqueness must be reflected in each treatment. At Lavender Rooms – great care is taken to understand client needs and - any treatment subsequently offered - is never superfluous to requirement but is specific to the health of the individual person.

This approach has ensured that the clinic has managed to remain relevant and vital to clients ongoing good health – which is demonstrated by the number of returning clients who have made Lavender Rooms part of their regular health regime over many years.

Picture of Rachael smiling on the beach

Meet Rachael 

The proprietor of Lavender Rooms – Rachael Arthey – became interested in alternative health approaches more than two decades ago. Following a period of personal research – during which time Rachael investigated and experienced many new health treatments for herself – she decided to turn her interest into a career. As a result of her own experiences – Rachael became convinced that good gut health is vital to maintaining optimum physical health and well being throughout the entire body and this belief informed the next stage of her personal and professional development.


In 2006 – Rachael trained and qualified to become a certified professional Colonic Hydrotherapist and, in the same year, opened Lavender Rooms– with the main focus being on Colonic Hydrotherapy.

However – in the years that followed – Rachael has expanded the services offered at Lavender Rooms to now include a fully equipped Infrared Sauna and Infrared Pod. In addition – a variety of facial treatments are available using only 100% natural products – and all of these natural products are available to purchase at the clinic.

Since its inception – Lavender Rooms has enjoyed a loyal and enthusiastic client base. In addition to the many clients who visit the clinic on a regular basis – new people are constantly discovering the benefits of the treatments that Rachael offers and, following their initial visit, often become returning clients.


In conclusion, Rachael strives to make a visit to Lavender Rooms to be a positive and enjoyable experience. She is passionate in her interests – so passionate that she has made those interests her full time career. Rachael is highly ethical in her approach and only recommends and offers treatments that she believes in and has personally experienced the benefits of.

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