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Nice Things Our Clients Say 

Lost 11lb In Total 

Just thought I would write to you say the biggest thank you anyone could ever say... I really can’t understand why I have been suffering with constipation for all these years when you are right on my doorstep..!!
You were recommended by a friend and honestly I thought how embarrassing and how uncomfortable it would be so I put it off for ages. I tried all sorts of medicines for my constipation even suppositories and sometimes I was still in agony I was lucky to be going once a week. I was so uncomfortable and bloated every time I ate something and said to myself that only I can do something about it so I finally plucked up the courage to come and see you for a colonic... When entering your place of work I just felt so comfortable and not embarrassed at all you seem to have this calming and natural aura around you that made me feel so relaxed. After my treatment I honestly couldn’t believe how I felt inside - empty literally and after weighing myself I lost 11lb in total and that was all from your colonic treatment. The tablets I got from you are fantastic I have gone from a once a week person to once a day and I still can’t get over how this is happening to me, you have made me such a different person and I mean that sincerely...So thank you again Rachael and I would absolutely recommend you, I all ready have actually...
Take care hun and I will definitely be back....

Maxine, Orsett

Relaxed & Pampered 

I would definitely recommend The Lavender Rooms to anyone. Rachael is a wonderfully friendly lady who just puts you to ease, and you can chat with her so easily. Just the thought of a colonic made me blush, so you can imagine how I felt when I got there for the actual procedure, but believe me, there's no reason to be, Rachael has a very calming way about her and she puts you straight to ease, and after a while, you just don't pay attention to it anymore - and I really would recommend it to anyone and everyone! Whilst at The Lavender Rooms I also had an infra-red sauna (dry heat, not steam) and a lower body wrap - I felt totally relaxed and completely pampered by the time I left and I am definitely going back for more.

Angie, Ockendon

Bad Stomach 

I was very worried and embarrassed about having a colonic, but Rachael put me at ease straight away. I have had three sessions with her - all with a positive experience both with the 'treatment results' and Rachael's thoughtful 'bedside manner'. I have since recommended her to friends and family. I had a very bad stomach after returning from holiday that even after weeks of antibiotics, detoxing, home remedies etc, it would not improve. I knew there was only one option that could help and it did!! A friend of mine has already been for their treatment!  You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain, so don't be shy give it a try!

Pam, London

I Recommend The lavender Rooms To Everyone 

I must tell everybody about this treatment I have now been having for over 2 years, without colonic irrigation I dont know how I would be able to deal with some of the problems, I suffer from, candida, IBS, digestion problems, gas, lazy bowel, the treatment itself is absolutely wonderful, you feel instant relief, and walk out knowing it was worth every penny, and Rachael herself is so nice and she is caring, full of information, and is such a character, the surroundings are beautiful, and Rachael is very accommodating, I have been in so much pain that she will see me at times other people would not e.g. evening times at short notice. I will never stop coming to this wonderful calming place, it truly is the best. Having suffered from chronic eczema for nearly 39 years now, I was using steroid creams and all sorts of things that were harming my skin even further, Rachael introduced me to some natural lotions for eczema and psoriasis and I didn’t believe it would work, but oh my god, my skin is starting to be itch free and looking calmer and feeling better. I will never stop going to this wonderful lady and I recommend the Lavender Rooms to everybody.

Karen, Hockley

Great Treatment For IBS

I have suffered from IBS for a few years now. Since visiting Rachael and taking her advice on my diet etc, I have managed to control it much better. The environment for the treatment is perfect and Rachael immediately puts you at ease. I am now having regular colonics every couple of months and really notice the difference.

Sarah, Hornchurch

A Caring Health Professional

Rachael is a really caring health care professional who puts you completely at ease and sets high standards of health care. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and very efficient with a warm and human approach to her work.

Frank, Kent

Haven't Felt This Good In a Long Time

Dear Rachael, I have now had a number of treatments from you and I would just like to say how pleased I am. Your treatments are carried out very professionally and I have not felt this good for a long time, my energy level has increased no end.

Mike, Grays

The Infrared Sauna Is a Unique Addition To Lavender Rooms

The infrared sauna is a unique addition to Lavender Rooms; also known as a ‘detox box’ it differs from traditional saunas so if you’re not a sauna fan don’t be put off! The infrared heats you up rather than the room so you can breathe easily. There’s a fitted CD player so you can listen to soothing spa music or, take your own CD! It felt comfortable even with two of us in there.

The biggest appeal has got to be the calorie burning and cellulite busting! In 45 minutes session you can lose more toxins and stored fats than you could achieve from a traditional sauna or exercise; up to 1000 calories in fact! Plus, it’s the only type of heat to penetrate tissues deeply enough to melt away cellulite and fats; there is hope!

But it’s not only those who want to shed a few pounds who can benefit; it’s great for improving blood circulation and cardio fitness, relieving stress, muscles and any aches and pains and a general wellbeing boost!

Debbie + Peter, Chafford Hundred

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