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Alpha LED
Oxylight Spa Therapy

Lavender Rooms infrared Sauna comes complete with colour therapy and relaxing music There are many benefits of using this relaxing and enjoyable therapy but sufferers of the following will find it especially beneficial:

The new Alpha™ LED Oxy-Light Spa™ is an advanced multi-faceted whole body LED Light-Spa capsule, combining light, heat, vibrating massage, as well as aromatherapy and colour therapy. The potential benefits of using the spa include; detoxing, weight loss, increased energy and immunity, emotional balance, pain relief, relaxation, skin rejuvenation, insomnia, circulation and more.

Imagine being able to burn significant calories – whilst, instead of using a treadmill, relaxing and rejuvenating under the soothing LED lighting and infra red heat.

The thermal (heat) energy increases and stimulates the metabolism and detoxifies the skin for healthier tissue and new cell growth. Vibration energy relaxes muscles, reduces stress and relieves pain.


Weight Loss
Pain Relief
Relax/Stress Reduction
Immune Boost
Improvement in skin
Sunshine/Seasonal affective disorder


Weight Loss

Heat up with temperatures up to 170F/ 76C; this program is as stimulating as a jog on the beach and offers a radical high-heat detoxification

Pain Relief

Pain Relief: Relieve, relax, and soothe an aching body with this unique program designed to give your muscles and body the tender loving care they need

Stress Reduction

Relax/Stress Reduction: A heat cocoon is sure to alleviate the stresses of the day and you will emerge from your session rejuvenated and refreshed


Energy: Invigorate and stimulate the senses with this programme – which is designed to increase energy and alertness

High Heat Detox

High Heat Detox: Stimulate circulation, enhance cellulite reduction and deeply detoxify in this high heat programme

Weight Loss & Body Slimming

Alpha LED Oxylight spa Course of 3 treatments per week for 1 month

For best results – a body firming lotion, massaged in before entering the spa, is recommended – to be followed by a detoxifying deep tissue massage after exiting the spa.


Colonic Hydrotherapy – 6 Treatments

Alpha LED Oxylight Spa Detox Program (6 treatments)

For best results these should be within 1 month

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